Welcome To AddPlus

ADDPlus is started by a group of talented and visionary engineers with vast R&D experience in consumer electronics business.
  • We imagine.
  • We create.
  • We make life safe & secure.
We at Addplus , believes that technology is means to ‘Fulfill Life’. It provides innovative solutions that simplify our lives.  Moreover it does enable us to do more and make doing things more effective & meaningful. We continuously strive to address our day-to-day problems by striking a balance between technology and affordability. Our innovations are majorly focused on integration of multiple technologies which will help users with multiple utilities. Addplus is committed to providing its customers with the finest design and development services possible to fit their needs and budget. We have extensive experience developing board level and system level products for the consumer electronics and home appliances markets. Our design and development expertise includes Analog and digital circuitry,
 Embedded processor systems,
 High-speed backplanes,
 PCB layout and