Vehicals Tracker System

A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

Vehical tracker System

System Feature

Feature :
1. User Friendly Fleet Control Web Access
2.Real time information
3.Live tracking
4. History Replay
5.Geo fencing
6.Route creation
7. Vehicle control
10.Cost control
11. User friendly web access
12. Desired reports
13.Vehicle maintenance alerts
14. Remote shutdown


User Friendly Fleet Control Web Access
Dash Board with login ID and password protected. provided with your own individual user id to access your vehicle or fleet of vehicles on the web based software application

History Replay
Know your vehicle using History using Simulator. It shows how Vehicle travelled

Geo fencing

Create Geo-fence and get Email/SMS Alerts, when vehicle Enter & Exit from Fence

Vehicle Tracker