GOVT Organization

Counsaltancy service :
Site Survey for city traffic Management & ITS Projects Consultancy for Enforcement systems and their optimization Data Collection Services for traffic (vehicle count, height, length, average speed time destination analysis, journey time surveys etc.) ITS design and implementation GOVT Organization

Traffic E-Chalan system:

Red-light violation detection system(RLVD)

Automatic number Plate Reorganization system(ANPR)

The System design for one of SMART city in Maharashtra, the City with a vehicular population of more than 14 Lakh vehicles and growing at more than 10% every year, urgently requires a very effective and efficient traffic monitoring system.

To meet such needs, we have designed an efficient E-Challan system with other additional applications which offers you a way to ensure comprehensive and methodical Traffic Monitoring and E- Challan generation. The usual solutions, such as CC TV monitoring and Blackberry systems do not effectively address the problems of excessive traffic violations.

Our solutions to these violations are to incorporate our proprietary software and other applications which provides effective traffic and transparent / confirmable system to reduce vehicle theft and increase public safety/monitoring. It also increases the speed of generating challans and thus greatly increase the number of challans.