Auto Starter

  1. The model is design for Tap water supply for residence.
  2. The Motor get auto START when it detect water inside TAP pipe.
  3. And STOP when there is no water inside pipe. Both time START and STOP unit will make buzzer alarm.
  4. The Unit also enhanced to detect water level in the tank when storage tank is full. Motor will auto STOP,

Up to 1 HP Max .. Motor

  1. Model is for Residential use purpose 
  2. Protection against false water sensing
  3. Dual Automatic and Force mode.

  1. Automatic motor Turn ON When Power is available.
  2.  Motor OFF when power Cut or phase failure.
  3.  Phase fail protection.

No Limit for HP Motor

  1. Turn motor when water level in well get up to high level and get shut OFF when water level get down at low level.
  2. Motor OFF when power Cut or phase failure.
  3. Protection against phase reversal ,phase failure and DRY run.

No Limit for HP Motor